Saturday, 24 October 2009


Not only does this complete my painting for this months 'Son of a Tale of X gamers' but also finally gives Jonno his Marneus.

Finally finished, just in time for the Ultramarines to have someone to lead them into battle as the Marines get their 2nd turn in the Apocolypse game we're currently running.

And no I don't know why Marneus has a blue background and the others are darker and have a pinky one...


  1. Superb job Chris! My particular favourite is the chapter banner, a very good job... And just in time to turn the tide next Weds ; ) Don't worry about bringing them across tomorrow, my cases are still at Fraz's...

  2. Turn the tide like a bunch of king Cnuts?

    Look good My Chris , although the gold could do with a little bit of shading (in my opinion!). A thinned chestnut/sepia/ogryn flesh would do it.

    Can't let you get away without some criticism!

  3. Have a look in real life, the gold looks better

  4. I KNEW you'd say that!
    Probably true as well!

  5. banner excellent, gold needs highlighting though

  6. I dare say my comment will stand ;o)