Friday, 30 October 2009

Blood Pact

It's Brilliant, perhaps not the best but for me it's in sight of the tippy top of the ghost books.  It's exciting, clever and sets up what is likely to be the final narrative arc of the most evocative and popular series set in the 40k universe.  We all have our favourite characters and even the newer additons to the regiment have a special place in our hearts.  Start fretting now about which of your virtual comrades may be joining Corbec, Bragg, Soric, Caffran, Feygor and the others.


  1. i've not read the GG's yet... How many are there now?

  2. for fucks sake! They are better than the horus books. I think this is number 11

  3. Holy Emperors Outburst!!

    They are tip top books and good to hear that the quality is staying right up there.

    Highly recommend them to anyone to read, although it might make you get a guard army!