Friday, 13 July 2012

Commision & WIP

Me again, well we've had our 1st game of new 40k and a few nice little tweaks here and there so more games needed before we'll really know how good/bad the new system is.

Anyway enough random witterings and down to the fun stuff, the Lonewolves recently had a good deal with Triplehelix and were able to bolster our forces when we picked up the new rules and amonst it all were some more wolves for myself and 2!! yep thats right 2!! Stormtalons for Johnny Boy. As Mr T isn't one for sticking or painting I offerd up my services for this little job.

1st thing that struck me was the total number of spures......2!!!

Following the instructions is thankfully easy and the main cockpit went together quickly.

Next up the main cariage and yet again easy work and....

Simple 1/2 hour later and the last few bits were added and......

All thats left to do now is magnetize the side weapons to make it nice and versatile.

As for my add ons...

A nice simple Long Fangs unit with the standard weapons of 5 missiles....


  1. always nice to see. you could do with better light though

    1. Yep sure could, also need to sort out the spelling.....

  2. Looking good Si, I'm facing the green menace again next weds (Elliot). May I borrow a WIP again? Especially now we know they are flyers!!!

  3. You could take 2 if ya want seeing as thwe 2nd is now built......still trying to figure out how to do the mag bits though.