Monday, 9 July 2012

Wolf time again....

Right time for another blog from me, easy to guess what it's about.....

Yep you guessed it Space Wolves, with the new rules of 40k finally with us it was time for a change from the old Crimson Fists that have been getting painted for.....?? way way way to long to guess (I'm sure one or two of the Loners will let us all know).

So after a little thinking and some sticking here are some more bits and pieces for my Space Wolves.

First up are the Wolf Guard in Terminator armour, I'm sticking to my option of the dark grey colour scheme, they just seem to look better than the grey blue.

Nice and simple small unit with a combo of close quarters and ranged as only Wolves can do.

This is the start of a Thunderwolf unit, I'm starting with 3 still tempting to go to 5 (2nd box will leave a spare wolf.......hmm maybe a lord on wolf??)

That is all for now.............


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    1. i want to see orks riding orks

      ork on ork action

      ork porn!