Thursday, 5 July 2012

All Your Bases Are Belong To Us Now

My Saga rules and box of Conquest Games Norman Knights arrived, so I've been assembling the start of my warband.

So far, I have completed:

4 Milites (Hearthguard)

2 Pueri (Warriors)

...And my warlord, Reynard du Ponce (He'll have a servant or two added to his base before I finish)

There are a few more Milites to go, but now I'm just waiting on the release of Conquest's plastic Norman infantry, and I'll be ready to invade!


  1. Looking good Big P, will get round to painting my Skraeling some time, and we can get it on when you're in Brizzle

  2. I'm going to be in Brizzle in a couple of weeks' time, as it happens, but only for the weekend (I'd prefer to sort out date details on an email rather than a public blog - one can never be too careful!), so the infantry may not even be released, which is a shame. But my lads will definitely be ready to charge headlong at something soon!

    If anyone fancies some zombie racing or giant monster combat one evening, though, just let me know, and I'll bring the appropriate gear with me.

  3. Nice minis, I've been tempted by them myself. No rush though!
    The warlord is particularly good.
    Did you know the plastic infantry box doesn't come with a crossbow option? That put me off the box a little as I'd definitely want crossbows if taking normans.
    Shouldn't be a problem for a man of your kit bash ability though!

    If the weekend you're down is the dates you gave our Zed then I'm afraid I'm busy for most of that weekend. I won't say doing what though as it would give the game away for your internet stalkers!