Sunday, 22 July 2012

Geek Saturday

Over the last few months, I've had a Geek Saturday. This involves, myself , my wife Jen and my old housemate Rich, playing some board/card games and eating take away for most of the day.

So far we have played, Zombie Dice, Talisman, Bloodbowl Cardgame, Bugmans's, Ticket to Ride and our favourite, Munchkin.

This week we played Munchkin with 7 out of the 8 available 'normal' expansions, the 5th expansion not making it through the post in time. We played four games over the space of about 7 hours, and only got through about 2/3s of the cards, so there is plenty of fund to be had with loads of cards yet to be seen.

Our next Geek Saturday is pencilled in for a few weeks time where the 5th expansion will get shuffled in, and before the end of the year the 9th expansion should be released to make our decks even bigger.

Some of the Lonewolves have also played Munchkin and I'm sure a Wednesday in the future will see it rear its head again.

The mighty decks piled high ready for another game of Munchkin


  1. I wanna join in on geek Saturday!

    1. you are fully qualified after all ;0)

  2. I too had munchin' Greek saturday!
    Lovely kebab for tea!
    Oh. hang on I may have misread.....