Friday, 13 July 2012

What a handsome lot!

Sparked by a conversation about Full Metal Jacket, my (slightly odd) imagination could not stop thinking how much like Gummer Pile, Elliot (Ball Boy) would look if he was bald. So, with Bald Booth installed, I proceeded to have a look. Safe as to say we didn't start until nearly 9 on Weds......


  1. f**k you baldy!

  2. When are you going to post Chris' altered picture?

  3. Well I've just shown Mo and she asked about Chris's picture as well, she can't see the difference.
    One problem though Matt she did say you are the only one it looks good on.

  4. Oi!

    Si, Jen thought yours was the most convincing...

  5. Sadly, not much work for bald booth to do on my bonce.

    Chris, for some reason, your photo reminded me of the samurai Omi from Shogun a little!

    I've enjoyed a hearty chuckle at these hi-jinks. Well done for taking part in this caper everyone!

  6. Thanks Jon, I had to Google him and now I'm lost for words...

    You should have seen Kath...