Sunday, 1 July 2012

Valkyrie - Work in Progress - Paintstation view

With the new edition of 40k now available all attention and efforts swivel to the grim future where there is only war and haberdashery; it will never die.  These two flaming comets of death have been half done for longer than I can remember.  I have an upgunned Valk standing in for a Vengence that is not far behind.  The weapons and decals to do and they should be ready for their first sortie.

*Edit* How I painted these so far
I used a black undercoat although I wish I had used grey.  I then used an airbrush to layer up GW Desert Yellow over the black; the thinned paint took several layers to get good coverage but it does allow for  emphsis on some panels as needed.  The engines and skids etc were painted with bolt gun . metal with a dash of extra black. Followed by a dark wash.  I then used MIG neutral tone around all the rivets and panel joins.  When dry I used charadon granite and a sponge to weather up the leading edges of the wings and areas of high wear.


  1. Just needs a little starship filth!

  2. Hey mate.

    I really like the colour scheme you have going on these birds. Would you mind sharing what colours were used on them?

    Looking forward to seeing them done.


    1. No problem. I will edit the post with the colours.