Sunday, 28 September 2008

Big Yellow

Oh Yeah!

I've painted the best part of a battle company over a period of years. My Marauder chapter of marines show the development and progress (quiet you!) of my painting ability. Yellow, what the hell was I thinking????

The majority of the chapter were painted by base coating dwarf flesh and highlighting up until just shy of pure white and then washing with yellow ink. On the face of it, this was a pretty reasonable solution for infantry figures passable for dreadnought and bikes and absolute dog sherbet for vehicles. It's what finished the Marauder chapter short of a battle company. I just couldn't put up with the poor quality and the endless repainting of the vehicles in an attempt to get an acceptable standard. I drew a line under my favourite army, planned another marine chapter for 2009+ and move onto my Eldar army. Lovely, lovely Eldar.

Today I was knocking up some Wolf Guard (metal) to get on eBay to clear space for my new emybonic Wolf Guard based on the new plastic Terminators, yes for 2009+. It pays to plan ahead. For those of you that don't possess an encyclopedic knowledge of marine paint schemes or iconography the right shoulder pad is yellow. Did I paint as per my decade old scheme, did I bowls! I painted the shoulder white, two very thin coats of sunburst yellow, a wash of Ogryn Flesh and then highlight up with sunburst and increasing amounts of white. And the result? Simpler, quicker and better than the inking method. Which is good as there is no longer a yellow ink and no yellow wash to replace it.

Flicking Bell!!!!

Will I now finish the Marauder battle company? Ha Ha Ha No!

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