Thursday, 4 September 2008

Ultramarines are Heavy Man!

This weeks fight night saw a general agreement that 2000 point games add a bit more than just extra figures. A single uber unit doesn't dominate, an early loss doesn't put winning out of reach and it allows you to balance a list more easily

Below are a few in game shots of this weeks games, notably the unpainted eldar vs the all painted ultramarines.

And why are Ultramarines heavy? Because Big Jon can't count and I wasn't paying attention. Four heavy support choices. Pffff!

An early success as a vindicator is destroyed

The armoured spearhead advance

Little do the assault marines know their doom is already foretold

The eldar flanking force attempt to hold out
And in other news

The Crimson Fists managed to secure Cortez his second win since Feb 08 by beating Binx's Necron all Robert army. It's been a tough year. Destroying not one but two Monoliths and eventually getting a phase out.

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