Saturday, 13 September 2008

Dreadlord Assassin

This month's quota for 'Tale of X Gamers' is finished. I feel slightly fraudulent having completed them so quickly.

I have been using a lot more of the new washes and I like them a lot. On both of these figures but the Dreadlord in particular I used a combination wash halfway through the layering and then brought the highlights back up.

I should start thinking about building some Spearmen or Cold One Knights but I'm not. I'm going to build some more Dire Avengers for my all powerful Eldar army. If I could keep the Autarch alive until the end of a game I would be happy ;o)


  1. Jobs a good un...
    Terradons on here by err Wed me thinks

  2. As I said on wednesday, Kath is painting your models very well lol......Only kidding Mr Z they are looking great.

  3. they look really good.... there's obviously a lot of talent in your family!!