Monday, 22 September 2008

Scouting, for Girls?

Well the wait is nearly over. Well the wait for the Marine Codex is nearly over, the wait for the Chaos Mortals is still going and so is the wait for the space wolves and ... well you get the idea.

Anyway the wait for the Marine codex is nearly over and as we don't like surprises, no matter how much Tomarse tries to spring them on us, most of us have a good idea of what is coming due to the power of the 'tinterweb.

Speeders loaded with assault cannon are still in, which saves me breaking weapons off my squadron, 10 man tactical squads are king and the named characters are ball bouncingly fun! The big question well for Big Jon and Cortez at least is Scouts and the return to WS3 BS3. Good idea? Bad idea? Ha Ha I don't have Marines and it's funny?

Poll to the right - vote.


  1. Rubbish band! They should have a fight to the death with the Feeling. Trouble is they are both so wet the fight would last forever.... just like their goddamn songs!!

    Anyway, yes scouts aren't full marines so shouldn't be as skilled as them, a good move and back to the original ideas.
    12 men in a land raider is still causing me problems however!!!

  2. 12 men in a land raider. Now there's a name for a band!