Sunday, 14 September 2008


Another month and some more Lizardmen completed.

I only had to do 3 Terradons for this months quota but as I had 5 I thought I might as well do these as well ( the other 2 are not included in my 1000pts)

The models for the beasts aren't particularly good and i'm sure there will be some new ones when the new army book comes out in 2009.

Never mind i'm well on the way to having 6000pts of painted Lizards by the time this happens and unless they are stunning models and/or they become a lot better in the game I wont be getting any more.


  1. At long last the terradons are finally painted, looking good bud.

  2. pretty birdies!
    Hope the pin in their wings holds up!

    You did pin them, didn't you?