Monday, 8 September 2008

Guns to the left of them, Guns to the right of them.....

Here's this months quota of skaven, I've stuck with the same idea as I used with the slaves but decided to add the army colour (red) into the mix at the same time.

The shields are a main feature of the jezzails and so I thought I'd use a little of the army colour on them to enhance the look.
Note the warpstone along the side of the guns. Full squad of 5 for the 1000pts, will have to get more for some serious knightly damage hehe.
Tried to make the globes look like they are made from warpstone.
Get that handle turning!!
Heres the two of them together, stand and fire!!!


  1. Very nice rats!
    All you need now is stop them running away every time they see their shadows!