Thursday, 18 September 2008

What do you call a Kan with no legs.........

....a contesting unit!? Oh!

Last night's (excellent and very close!) game got me thinking.
Eldar vs Orks, 2 objectives. 1 unclaimed by anyone (no troops anywhere near it!) the other had a unit of dire avengers (troops) claiming the objective and contesting it were some ork buggies and a Kan.
All the vehicles were immobilised and the buggies had no weapons.
0-0. Result - draw. Job done.

Now my thoughts are, should an immobile and/or weaponless vehicle be able to contest the objective? Its certainly no longer a threat and could be taken out at leisure by the winning force.
My next thought was; what a great subject for a poll on the blog!

I must point out I have no really strong feelings about it, just seems a bit "odd" and thought I'd gather ideas for a potential house rule.

Poll on the right! (don't worry Tomarse, last nights result will still stand! A draw was well deserved by all!)

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