Thursday, 11 December 2008

5 Nuffle Shuffle

Week 1 of the Lone Wolves Challenge Cup started with the Orcago Boars pulling out of the opening batch of games meaning that after much deliberation it was decided that week 2's fixtures would be swapped with week 1's.

Week one results ( half time scores in brackets)
Boomtown (1) 1 vs The Coffin Dodgers (0) 1
Fastchit----- H1T8 Gug-Lug----- H2T8

Speed met strength as the Skaven of Boomtown faced off with the Undead.
The speed of the rats showed in the 1st half with Fastchit the Gutter Runner breaking free of the brawl late in the 2nd half. Putting enough distance between him and the chasing Undead he scored in the final turn of the 1st half.

The Undead showed why they will be feared by the lesser armoured teams as they decimated the rats causing 2 serious injuries in the 1st and 2nd half and putting even more of the rats in the knocked out box.

This lack of numbers showed in the 2nd half as in the dying seconds of the match captain of the Dodgers, Duke 'of spook' Leyron managed to scoop up the ball and pass it to Gug-Lug the ghoul who bounded in for the score.

Blackfire Pass Thunderers (0) 1 vs The Amazonian Red Tide (0) 0
Glog Khaz-bhat -----H2T7

Not expecting a game this week the Amazons barely had time to slip into their spandex before the game was underway against the Dwarfs from Blackfire Pass and were obviously unprepared.

The Dwarfs received the opening kickoff and seemed to underestimate the speed of the ladies as 3 of them swept into the backfield making it very hard for the stunties to build a pocket and begin the slow march down field.

As casualties on the Amazon side of the pitch built up the Dwarfs managed to make their way down the field only for a failed go for it on turn 8 to scupper the 1st scoring chance of the game.

The 2nd half saw the Amazons injury and knocked out boxes fill to bursting and with only a handful of players on the pitch the ladies began to think about consolidating their position and holding on for a draw.

As the game wore on the Amazonians concentration slipped and allowed Glod Khaz-baht, the Thunder's Troll Slayer to attack the ball carrier, injure her and pick up the ball and trot into the endzone.

Scoring so late in the 2nd half didnt allow the Amazons to claw a score back and although a few of them recovered from being knocked out the game was over.

Stirland Blitz (1) 3 vs Kithband Warriors (0) 0
Eisen Schmidt -----H1T4
Syd Mooren -----H2T4
Syd Mooren -----H2T6

The returning Stirland Blitz entered the game hoping to get a good foothold on the league in their quest to make up for last years loss in the final.

It started well with the Kithband Warriors receiving the ball but the Humans got a blitz result off the kickoff table and ventured into the Elves half and stole the ball.

The Elven defence was strong their pace and agility allowing them to get back and cover the pitch as the Blitz began to move down field. Sadly their luck wasnt in as everytime the ball carrier was dumped on the astrogranite the ball would magically bounce back into one of the Blitz's players arms .

The Blitz scored against the head and managed to hold the Elves out of the endzone in the 1st half dropping a few squares short of making it two at half time.

The 2nd half was more of the same, although the Elves had employed the services of an expert kicker and the Blitz unable to pick up the kickoff luck was not on the Warriors side.

The Blitz marched down the field again and made it two, desperation in their mind the Elves attempted to make several long scoring drives to close the gap but on both occasions lady luck wasnt on their side and they were unable to finish what they started.

Unable to mount a come back the Blitz once again stole the ball and made it a convincing 3-0 victory to start this campaign

The Kithband Warriors didnt play badly and should still be considered a potential finalist as long as they dont let this loss go to their head.

Week 1 Table and Stats

Double Skulls of the Week

It wouldn't be Double Skulls of the Week if we didnt nominate Zed and the Blackfire Pass Thunderers.

With the last roll of the 1st half it was just a silly simple Go For It to score the opening touchdown of the season for the Dwarfs but you can guess what happens next.

Well done Zed see if you can get the award each week.


  1. big jon should have at least been nominated with three double skulls in the first half ;o)

  2. remember sports fans, Thunder rolled, it rolled a six!

  3. Sadly I cant remember everything that happened in everybody else's games, I just happened to be watching when you rolled the 1 :O)

  4. but I thought you were impotent?


    I mean omnipotent!!

    Cracking write up as we've all come to know and love!

    Binx for president....of the bloodbowl league....tall with glasses division.