Sunday, 7 December 2008

Discworld delights

Its been busy on my paint station recently.....

Lizards for the Tale of 4 Gamers, Ultramarines for Big Jon and a new Blood Bowl team in the making.

Still with Xmas on its way I've been busy painting up some Discworld figures made by Micro Art Studio ( to give to my girlfriends mum and here they are...


Esme Weatherwax

And Nanny Ogg


  1. Side projects from the Binx!! Good work

    Nice looking minis, are they resin?

    Are you going to put your new found terrain skills to use and build a little diorama/vignette/display base for them?

  2. Models are metal and about 35mm in size so slightly bigger than the normal Workshop stuff

    No scenic base for these planned at present though