Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Hi (elf!) Ho Silver!!!

Silver helms - Done!!
Cavalry models! 
Not sure what it is but they really seem to trip me up, painting wise! 
Tanks and bikes in 40K are the same. 
Anyway the bulk of the army is now finished! 
That was easy!!!!?
Just the mage to go for Jan and I plan to make all the movement trays for the units too. 
I'll also try and finish off all the extra bits I thought I'd do for the army (extra spearmen, another eagle, reaver command) each month. As each deadline got closer the extras got forgotten in a frenzy to get the main unit/s done! 

Happy New Year to all!

Usual blah blah re photo quality!! 
May try and take some better angles at a later date too!


  1. Good work, I like the way you've posted the picture so it can't be enlarged!

    I'm planning to get my months work on here at 23:59 tomorrow if I'm lucky

  2. Yeah not sure what happened there. I was in a bit of a hurry and the uploader was playing up!
    Should be fixed now for plenty of zoom in look at my dodgy highlights action!

  3. you can enlarge mine too.

    busy new years eve for you. Ms Binx will be very pleased ;o)