Thursday, 18 December 2008

Challenge Cup Wk2

Week 2 of the Lone Wolves Challenge Cup saw the return of the Orcago Boars and some unexpected results.

Boomtown (0) 0 vs Blackfire Pass Thunderers (0) 1

................................Burliegh Stronginthearm H2T6

Speed met strength in what turned out to be a war of attrition.
The Dwarfs received the ball in the 1st half and found it hard going marching down the pitch as the Rats managed to hold them up and denying them any score in the first half.
The Dwarfs were also unable to cause much damage with a Slayer being the shock casualty of the half.

The 2nd half was another knock down, drag out affair and was looking more promising for the Skaven as time dragged on.
But a slip in concentration saw Boomtown lose the ball and with only
2 turns left of the game, concede a Touchdown to the Thunderers.

As the other games had finished the coaches and players of the other teams surrounded the pitch to see if the Rats could grab a late tie and dash the hopes of the Thunderers.

A Gutter runner managed to break free and stood within feet of the endzone before he was unceremoniously dumped into the crowd.
Players and spectators alike held their breath as the waited to see where the crowd would throw the ball and to the stunties disbelief it landed in the hands of another Skaven who was easily within reach of the endzone.

Lucky for the dwarfs they managed toget some defenders back and the Skaven were unable to grab a last gasp equiliser.

Dwarfs win and keep a surprise clean sheet as they go 2nd in the league.

Orcago Boars (1) 1 vs Kithband Warriors (1) 2
Fungus Stink Arse H1T6 Falandar Flamedance H1T3
.....................................Raventine Daybringer H2T4

The Orcs from Orcago made it to the stadium in time to take on the Kithband elves and a close fought contest it was.

The Elves received the opening kickoff and wasted no time in trying to score, it didnt take long before they were one up, causing concern to the Orcs although they knew they now had plenty of time to not only beat up the elves but perhaps pull it level at half time.

It was a good plan except it didnt all go the way they had hoped.
Yes they managed to equalise before the half but the beating up part didnt go to plan as no only had the elves reinforced their Bacolite armour but captain of the Boars, Krunk, managed to break his own neck in a heroic attempt to do anything spectacular and was out of the game.

The Orcs got the ball in the 2nd half and were unable to capitalise and were stripped of it by the elves who managed to go 2-1 up half way through the 2nd period

Still with plenty of time to make it 2-2 the Orcs marched up the pitch and were unlucky to fall a few squares short of the endzone.

The Warriors bounce back from a thrashing last week to keep their title hopes alive, the returning Orcs lose but can bounce back next week against the Dwarfs!

Stirland Blitz (1) 1 vs The Coffin Dodgers (0) 0

Kurt Slinger H1T5

Weeks ones most anticipated match up slipped back to week two as the coaches of last years final clashed again.

The Blitz got the opening kickoff and formed their infamous cage and began to grind their way down the pitch.
Fearful of the Dodgers strength in beating up opponants the Blitz tried to keep their distance but saw a catcher pushed off the pitch and the Mummies cause some mischief.
Surprisingly though it was the Blitz who caused the most da
mage in the 1st half, injuring a wight and knocking out 2 more players.
The Blitz scored mid way through the first half, still giving the Dodgers a chance to level it up before half time. With a cage of their own they worked their way down the pitch but after some bad luck were unable to level it up at the half.

The Dodgers started the 2nd half well, taking out another Blitz player but suffered more damage themselves, losing their 2nd wight to the dead box.

An attempt to score was thwarted and for a few turnd the ball bounced back and forth between the 2 teams until the Blitz managed to escape and ran downfield hoping to make it 2-0.
Trying to close the gap between thower and receiver the Blitz came a cropper and dropped the ball deep in the backfield of the Dodgers ending the game.

The Blitz remain undefeated, a close loss for the Dodgers keeps them 3rd and still in the hunt.

Week 2 table and Stats.


  1. Report done, for some reason it looks a bit strange but its readable.

  2. "You're going home in a combine harvester!" BFP chant from the more rural fans