Sunday, 7 December 2008

Where are the Pirates?

In a rare interview with the Pirates we speak to No'-As-Big-As-Medium-Sized-Jock-But-Bigger-than-Wee-Jock Jock: we discover why the characterful Pirates are not in this years tournament

Jimmy Maden: So No'As-Big can you tell us why the Pirates wont be competing this year?

No'As-Big: It was all looking brilliant this year ah can tell you Jimmy. We'd had a mild winter which allowed us to train much earlier and we was all full, fit and mad for it. An then Rob Anybody tells us all we have to make a three day pilgrimage to see the Big Yin for a blessing afore we signed up for this years cup. An let me tell you we was going ta be tak'n home the silverware this year and no mistake! So anyways as is traditional we all set off separately with nothing but a leather kilt and a sharp stick as our for fathers did. All agreein' that whoe'r was last back was payin for the team whisky on the trip down to the show.

With the mild winter the three day hike to the mountains was to be no bother at all. It did come as a surprise to all of us that the mild weather was a blessing fro T'char. Unfortunately for us that meant that a larger number of White Bears were roaming and it was just bad luck that I had both my legs bitten off, Waily, waily waily, and no mistake! Anyhow Hamish was back last so he's got to buy the whisky even though we're no goin' the now.

Jimmy Maden: So with no legs that's the end of your Blood Bowl career then?

No'As-Big: What? Of course not you Bogle. Ah Crivens. Cop this!!!! You get your ma to stitch that and I'll get the Wee Hag to stitch on me some new legs for next season!


  1. Do the pirates sail from the E-bay?

  2. They did sail from E bay last year but it caused no end of problems and the pirates will be hugging the coast line in future