Sunday, 7 December 2008

The Blitz are Back

The Lonewolves Challenge Cup is but 3 days away and the Stirland Blitz are ready to go one step further than last year and clinch the title for themselves.

As the only team to return for a 2nd season they are hoping they have experience and know how to go that one step further this year.

After Finishing a respectable 22nd in the XLVII Blood Bowl last year Captain, Eisen Schmidt hopes he can finally lift the trophy in what will be his 10th year playing for the Blitz.

The Blitz open their season against The Coffin Dodgers, who are spookily led by someone who looks much like the reanimated corpse of the head coach of last years winners Hashut's Purple Helmets!

Lets hope for a good season opener


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  1. A rare interview was granted today with the captain of the Coffin Dodgers, Duke "of Spook" Leyron.
    Well known for his sense of humour when asked about the forthcoming tournament his chirpy reply was:

    "All ssshhhhhall die!"

    That guy really is a joker.