Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Skills Wk1

With kickoff on week 2 of the Lonewolves Challenge Cup almost upon us here are the updated skills after week 1

Boomtown - Fastchit learns how to Block

The Coffin Dodgers - Gug-Lug learns how to Block

The Amazonian Red Tide - Joanne also learns to Block

Kithband Warriors - Yavandir Farsight has become a better Leader

Blackfire Pass Thunderers - Cheery Littlebottom develops his skills in Guarding

Orcago Boars - Krunk works out how to Block

Stirland Blitz - Eisen Schmidt train in the art of Guarding

For week 3 the new skills will need to presented to the other players on the Wednesday before game time so that skills cannot be taken to counter ones taken by your opponant

Also scorers and half/turn they scored have been added to the report from last week

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