Saturday, 27 February 2010


After using the GW spraygun since it's release and largely being quite pleased with it; we have bought an Iwata compressor.  The cans of gas were ok but the pressure drops off quite quickly and even buying cheaper cans I had spent over £60 in propellent in about a year. 

Today I connected up the spraygun to the compressor and gave it a quick go.  In short, it's excellent a couple of trial blasts to get the pressure and nozzle to a nice level and away I went for 15 mins of pain free spraying.  Usually after 5 minutes I would have to stop and either call it a day or swap cans of propellent.  In additon the spray is much finer and consequently the finish on the model is too, leaving all the detail.

When I have a bit of spare cash I'll be getting an airbrush and taking my painting into uncharted waters.

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  1. Sounds pretty exciting there, Frazer. What do you reckon of the GW spray gun? I've been hearing mixed comments on forums, but I've been considering it as an option for indoor priming (since the weather up here is pantus maximus).

    Right now, I have a pot of black gesso on the desk, awaiting my first experiments. Not greatly enthused at the moment, as I've heard that the drying time is quite long. So maybe a spray gun is the way forward...