Sunday, 14 February 2010

Gor, What a scorcha

Whilst I was in GW Cribbs buying 'The Green Knight' to convert into a Wight King, I saw they had a Beastman painting competition, so thought i'd give it a go.
They only had Ungor left and here's my entry. Don't know what the prize is.....



  1. nice. comment. a bit more grime on the figure, in particular the shield?

  2. Nice, like he just stepped out of the salon!

    Whats the prize?

    I'm very seriously thinking of dipping my ungor and maybe the gor too!

  3. Skin loks a lot better in 'real life' looks a little glossy on here.

    Prize still unknown, its al decided on Saturday, Ive got Monday off so I'll pop in and see if ive been successful

  4. Good luck, Chris. Looks to me like you're in with a good chance.