Thursday, 18 February 2010

Lone Wolves Challenge Cup 2010 Week 5

Week 5 is over and it was full of surprises....

Tuesday night saw the belated game between the Saurian Storm and the Storner Stoneheads

Saurian Storm 2 - 0 Storner Stoneheads (Attendance 25,000)

A blizzard greeted the two teams and they really started feeling its effects early on with both of the Stonehead's Bull Centaurs leaving the game early on.
The game was a close run thing but the superiority and player advantage came to the fore with a Lizard victory.

Wednesday saw 2 games played ( the Warpstone Wanderers gaining 3 pts due to a walk over against the Fangorn Rangers)

Storner Stoneheads 1 - 0 Orcland Raiderz (Attendance 26,000)

After their late finish the night before the Stoneheads were made to wait by the late arrival of the Raiderz and the fatigue showed on their faces
The Raiderz team, low on energy and morale after losing 2 players last week were poor, twice coming one 2+ roll away from scoring, they were doomed to defeat as the dice were not on their side.
A late score in the 1st half by the Stoneheads was the only TD in the game, although the Orcs could have levelled it up several times but lady luck was not on their side.

Saurian Storm 3 - 0 Invaders (Attendance 26,000)

What was anticipated to be a close game became a walk over that could have been 4 or even 5!
With the inability to pick up the ball or control their Minotaur the Invaders were never in the game, only touching the ball for 1 turn.
The Storm continued their impressive week with another win which puts them 2nd in the table. The Invaders losing their 1st game of the season drop to 4th with a very important game against the Bearded Clams next week with only 10 players available.

No deaths this week to report on

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