Thursday, 4 February 2010

Lone Wolves Challenge Cup 2010 Week 3 - Results

Bearded Clams 1 - 1 Coffin Dodgers (Attendance 26,000)

A Huge crowd gathered to see the Dwarfs and the Undead go at in a hastily rearranged and controversial match, and they weren't disappointed.

The Dodgers received the opening kickoff and hastily advanced down their left flank. Things looked too easy as the Clams were soon 2 players down and a long way off stopping the advancing ghoul train. Fans couldnt believe thier eyes as the undead began to try and give the ball to their star ghoul blodger instead of just running it into the endzone for an early score. A few fumbled handoffs later and the dwarfs had their hands on the ball but soon lost it again as the extra numbers helped the undead. Eventually the pressure paid off and Dodgers took the lead late in the 1st half.

With only a few momnets left in the 1st half the Clams made a swift attempt to score but in unknown terriatory their new wide receiver blocker fell on his face a few yards short.

1-0 to the Dodgers at half time and the 2nd half was greeted by a riot which only saw one player from each side taking damage.
The Dwarfs began their drive right down the middle of the pitch hitting a wall of mummies and zombies at the half way line. After a little stalling the dwarfs finally gave the undead a lesson in damage quickly sending 3 Dodgers players from the pitch. With the numbers on their side the dwarfs slowly advanced up the pitch and with 2 turns left were 10 yards form the end zone, just close enough to make it in the nick of time.

Undead desperation set in but they couldnt get the dwarf blitzer on the floor ( dodge and block is wonderful) finally as time drew to a close the dwarfs scored just before the final whistle was blown (2+ to socre on turn 8 of the 2nd half)

The game ended as a draw, the Coffin Dodgers still unbeaten and top of the table, where they should remain after week 4's games. For the dwarfs it was a well needed point before they face the Orcland Raiderz next week where a loss may see their season grind to a halt early on.

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