Thursday, 25 February 2010

Lone Wolves Challenge Cup 2010 Week 6 - Results

Hi its that time again....

Warpstone Wanderss 0 - 3 Storner Stoneheads

The Warpstone Wanderers were battered!, Nothing else to say realy. The 1st half finished 1-0 to the Stoneheads with the Rat dugout looking more like a mortuary. 4 in the dead and injured , 2 in the KO'd, the Rats started the 2nd half with 7 players and the Stoneheads took full advantage uting in 2 more scores.

Orcland Raiderz 0 - 1 Coffin Dodgers

In a must win game for the Dodgers, things started off looking bleak with player after player being carted off the pitch. As the casualties mounted up the Orcs looked favourite to take the game but some swift and decisive play from the Undead saw them take the lead towards the end of the 1st half.
With the numerical advantage the Orcs should have levelled it up but struggled to hold on to the ball, with the Undead almost making it 2-0.
At the end of thegame the Undead only had 2 players on the pitch. Sadly for them 1 Wight and 1 Zombie will miss next weeks vital encounter with the Invaders as the winner of that game is almost sure to make the final

The updated league follows, this includes the 'free' wins for the Clams and Raiderz for next week and the final week of the season.

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