Sunday, 21 February 2010

Food + Fight

We had a big WFB battle, 6k Choas alliance took on 6k Lizard and Dwarf alliance in a battle to secure 3 mine shafts.
Although the Chaos forces were seriously reduced, they still managed to grab a 1-0 win when 6 turns of 'tourniment' play was over.
I started taking pictures at the beginning but didnt take any mid game shots ( I think Zed did)

Thanks goes out to the Zed family for allowing us to take over their house for a great days gaming and a magnificent spread....

The Dwarf Gunline awaits contact

The beasts sweep round the flank led by the Jabberwo...slythe...

The Slayers eye up their adversaries

The Lizardmen reserves

The Lizards enter on the right flank


  1. Deamon Prince pops out of his hut;
    "Get off my land!!"
    Shakes fist angrily

    Good game, good day, good result!!

  2. And Daemon Prince gets a 6ft Iron Bolt in the face for his trouble

    excellent game, cheeky result...