Friday, 12 February 2010

Lone Wolves Challenge Cup 2010 Week 4 - Results

3 Games this week after the Chaos Dwarves contracted Nurgles rot and are now scheduled to play the Saurion Storm on Tuesday

Invaders 2 - 0 Fangorn Rangers (Attendance: 16,000)

The Chaos remained unbeaten after a 2-0 win over the elves. Little did the fans know but this would be the last time they would see the Rangers on the pitch this season.
The Rangers had a few attempts to score but horendous luck, denied them time and again. The Invaders took their chances and witha 1-0 lead at the half made it 2-0 late in the game.
The big shock was at the end of the game when the Wood Elf head coach pulled his team out of the league, there was much uproar in the stands and as of yet no statement from the Elf coach to address their fans disappointment.

Orcland Raiderz 0 - 1 Bearded Clams (Attendance: 30,000)

A record crowd braved an early downpour to watch the unbeaten Raiderz lose out to the Dwarfs.
Early problems in picking up the ball gave a chance to the dwarfs who took it and stole the lead at the mid point of the 1st half.
The 2nd half was a bit of a mess, bodies flying all over the place. It was the Clams who came out on top though, slaying a 2 orcs in a bitter blood bath.
A late stumble by the Dwarfs runner saw the 2-0 slip from their grasp, and a dropped pass from a Black Orc was all that stopped the Orcs levelling it up late in the game

Warpstone Wanderers 0 - 2 Coffin Dodgers (Attendance: 16,000)

It was top vs bottom and it showed, even with some tricky plays from the rats, the superiority of the Undead shone through in the end.
With the score at 0-0 at half time the Rats were pleased with themselves but with a stern team talk the Dodgers soon sorted themselves out and scored twice in the 2nd half.
Even with the aid of a bombardier the rats couldn't do any damage and the 2 Undead players sent to the infirmary myseriously regenrated and were able to join their team mates in the end of match team bath.

Both from the Orcland Raiderz this week, RIP Grogul Face Smasha and Kronk Iron Fist


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