Friday, 6 April 2012

Blood In the Badlands Month 2

So on Wednesday we sorted out the map moves and battles for the next round of campaign games.

Map is below.

As a side note, it appears as if the Ogres have a 2nd mine that has to be rolled for ( Elliot pls confirm) and one of the Chaos flags has gone walk about, we'll fix that on Wednesday.

Key: White=Empire, Black=Vampires, Blue=Ogres, Green=Dwarfs, Orange=Chaos, Red=Orcs, Yellow=Dark Elves


  1. Nice!
    Pretty sure the chaos army was on the dwarf fortress hex

  2. The Chaos army is on the Dwarf fortress hex. The sword one.

  3. ohhh, you meant flag! Yeah, get it now!

  4. Yea I had two mines... I built one two Wednesday's ago!