Monday, 2 April 2012

Hobby vs Real Life

Hobby and "Real Life".
Always clashing and fighting for your time BUT has there ever been a good crossover where your Hobby helped you in some way?
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Reeee sults:


  1. Other: Of all things, business relationships and vacations (i.e. reaching out to gamers where I am headed - especially if out of the country).

  2. As it painting and modelling requires concentration it forces the worries and concerns of real life into the background for a few hours

  3. Brilliant for avoiding any conversation you like with your wife. You want to talk to me about IKEA; I'll start telling you why Luthor Huss is such a bad ass. You want to talk about gardening (i used to stick my fingers in my ear and sing la la la I cant hear you), I'll run through my latest army list for you.

  4. Other: WW2 gaming has broadened my history knowledge, which cant be a bad thing.

  5. Has to be other, wife starts talking about Eastbenders/Constipation Street/Emerdykes (or what ever those stupid programes are called) off wonders my mind to 'what can I do to convert that' or 'what if I put that in the army' or as is the case most of the time 'why did I lose that game'...

  6. This hobby has taught me to cocentrate and really got me into reading in a big way. Also like Zed says is does escape you from reality for a while and also gives me something to look forward to during the week!

    1. not spelling though, not that...