Monday, 9 April 2012

Cauldron of Blood - Dark Elves Bath Time

I've had this on my paint station for over 3 years and have just never got round to painting it.  I think perhaps the nipples were putting me off; don't get me wrong I like nipples on a woman, not much point on a man, I'm with the Evil Genius (Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits) on that one. 

As always I have other figures that are a higher priority that I should be doing.  Cold One Knights that I will need in a game soon for example, but I felt that I could finish it to an acceptable standard and it would be more fun.

It was.


  1. Nice baps!

    Always good to treat yourself when there is a bit of monotonous painting that needs doing.

  2. loving your nipples...errr........