Sunday, 29 April 2012

Painting Upgrade

Well after four years in the hobby, my painting has improved (no sarcy comments please) so I thought it was time to upgrade my painting station.

Carly is happy because it keeps all my stuff in one place....i'm happy because i have more space! :-)


  1. Doesn't everyone have one?

  2. Looking forward to seeing your new technique...clearly involving a screwdriver and some deodorant.

  3. Nice, personally I went for a whole painting room...

  4. Seeing though I don't have my own bedroom...getting a whole table is the best in gonna get!
    And Matt I'm going to have the best smelling Ogres in the whole land.

  5. 4 years!!??? Really! Have you been knocking about with us for 4 years!?!? Doesn't seem that long (hmmm, that actually seems like compliment, best fix that), seems much longer!! ahahah!

    4 years.... where's it gone....

    Sparkly knobs for you?

    And Binx, that painting room is on borrowed time and you know it!

  6. That bureau looks nice, Elliot. Has the advantage that when you're not painting, you can cover up your painting area to keep dust away, and your painting area is instantly "tidy" in case you have visitors.

    If I didn't need to use a dedicated room for work, I'd want to have something similar to that in our lounge.