Thursday, 12 April 2012

Lone Wolves Challenge Cup Final

Last night saw the final of this years Blood Bowl league, with the Skaven of Th1rt3en taking on the Norse of the Dragon 'Ead Destroyers.

During the season the Skaven had won both meetings, although the Norse did open up pre season with a 4-1 thrashing of their opponents. Even Destroyer's head coach Lordybloke admitted voting for his rivals in the blog poll. It was looking like the writing was on the wall before it began.

It got even more scarier for the northmen as Binx rolled for 2 skill upgrades prior to the match, giving Guard to his Rat Ogre, but also getting +1 Strength on one of his Gutter Runners, Lordybloke was not impressed. He was even less so when he lost the coin toss too!

The teams line up at the start of the game

The whole game was played in Sweltering Heat, and a good start by the Rats saw two of the Norse in the KO box after only 1 turn. The Skaven made their numbers count and by half way through the first half they were up 1-0. The sun really had an impact before the next kick off with both teams reduced to 10 men out of their squads of 14 for the remainder of the half, which didnt see any more scores. The 2nd half did see the Rat Ogre of the Skaven Die! Luckily for them, their apothecary was at hand to patch up the furry beast and he was back on the pitch for the 2nd half.

'Snow Troll' Thrudd decks the Skaven rat ogre

 With the sun still beating down, a 2nd high kick of the game saw the Norse make a slow move down field. The Ratmen did not give up and managed to get the ball on the floor a few times, although the Norse refused to give up and with the last rolls of the game managed to get a short pass down field and into the end zone to make it 1-1 at the end of the game.

After much discussion, it was decided that the game would go to sudden death over time. The Rats once again managed to receive the the kick off but a slurry of injuries and the beating heat of the sun saw them down to 7 players vs the Norse's full team.

This didn't hinder the Skaven and after a couple of turns one of the Gutter Runners managed to break free and was on his own with the ball 2 squares short of the Norse end zone with only one defender within reach.
Then there was a moment of indecisiveness, Binx, the Skaven coach was undecided if he should go for it or not to give himself that little bit of extra room, with no re rolls this was a dangerous move, but eventually he decided he would risk it, after all it was anything but a 1!

The dice came down with one pip showing and the gutter runner tripped and fell spilling the ball and his guts at the same time. With even less players and with hardly any of them standing up the Skaven could do nothing as the Norse quickly scooped up the ball and trotted the length of the pitch for the Championship winning touchdown. A win for the Norse, a 2nd consecutive league championship for Lordybloke, who has now won 3 out of the 4 challenge cups.

Lonewolf Challenge Cup Result.

Overall Championship winner  - Dragon Ead Destroyers
League Champion - Th1rt3en
Wooden Spoon - Orcland Raiderz ( equal on points with Black Moon Rising but a far inferior TD differential)

Player Stats

Most SPP's - Prazsisk - Th1rt3en - 44...... 2nd: Firedrich 'Fang' Wolf - Black Moon Rising - 35
Most Touchdowns - Prazsisk - Th1rt3en - 11.... 2nd: Azhquol - Th1rt3en - 10
Most Casualties - Cnut Ylarson - Dragon Ead Destroyers - 8.... 2nd: Graz Nulhug - Orcland Raiderz - 4

See you next year Blood Bowl fans, with rumours of this the next league being done online, and maybe even in a dungeon, we shall wait and see what transpires.

What can be confirmed is that four of the league participants will be off to Warhammer World in May for the 2nd NAF Championship so stay tuned to see what happens there.

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  1. Tough game but what a thoroughly deserving and modest winner!