Thursday, 8 January 2009

Challenge Cup Wk 3

Week 3 has come and gone and once again everything is still ip in the air with the closest league so far!

Blackfire Pass Thunderers (0) 1 vs Orcago Boars (1) 1

The Orcs and Dwarfs met in what would become a knock down drag out affair, which ended up being played in a freezing blizzard, restricting passed and making the ground uneasy underfoot.

The Stunties received and as they began to drive down the field both teams merged into one big mess on the half way line. A few plays later and the dwarfs dropped the ball, it bounced and skittered across the pitch ending up in the hands of the Orcs.

A few moments later and the Orcs had taken the lead, and with them receiving the ball in the 2nd half it looked a long way back for the Thunderers.

Knowing that to equalize was going to be a struggle the dwarfs began to do what they do best and started to put the boot to the greenskins, as the game progressed so the Orcs nmbers thinned out and as the game moved towards its conclusion only 7 Orcs were left on the pitch with only a few left standing.

The Dwarfs took hold of their numeric advantage and managed to secure the ball, rolling into the endzone in the final seconds of the game to get a much needed 1-1 draw

The Coffin Dodgers (1) 1 vs The Kithband Warriors (1) 3

The elves and Undead met in a game that neither could afford to lose.

The game didn't start well for either team with one of the Undead Mummies leaving the pitch early and a few early exchanges of fumbles, bad hits and general rubbishness!

Soon enough the Undead got used to the conditions and managed to sort out a scoring drive, giving them an early lead. Little did they know but it wouldn't last for long.

Within 2 turns the Elves were level but not without sacrafice as they succumbed to their 1st casualty in 7 games!

Turning out for the 2nd half the Elves made up for a slow start scoring twice in quick succession giving the Undead little chance of closing the gap and robbing them of their 1st win of the season

Stirland Blitz (0) 0 vs The Amazonian Red Tide (0) 0

The unbeaten Humans met the Amazons who were bottom of the league, everyone was expecting a cricket score in this game but they were in for a shock.

The Blitz received the ball and their drive was delayed as they failed to scoop up the ball and the Ladies of the Red Tide burst into their back field causing problems early on.

The Humans finally got their act together but still struggled to get past the Amazons and as time ticked on eventually got into a scoring postion only for a failed go for it to scupper their chances and end the half scoreless.

The Red Tide began the 2nd half with the ball but soon lost it as the Stirland Blitz attempted to score early keep a tight hold on their lead in the league. the players moved up and down the pitch until the ball rolled into the crowd only to be thrown within inches of the Blitz's endzone giving the Amazonians a chance to cause an upset.

Both teams piled onto the balls location and with numbers in the Humans favour they once again came away with the ball, time started to run out and the Blitz had one last effort to score and win the game but again this was thwarted but the reolute defence of the Amazons

The game ended scoreless and all the pundits were left scratching their heads, who would win the league?


  1. it was only five orcs left as i equalised and only one was standing. 3 black orcs and 3 blitzers were in the dead box ;o)

  2. Sorry was too exhausted from my game to remember it all exactly ;o)