Thursday, 15 January 2009

Challenge Cup Wk 4

Due to problems with with the feed from the Necromantic Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) highlights of this weeks games have been lost.

Below find the new updated tables and top scorers/casualty causers.

Hopefully we'll receive reports from eye witnesses at the games soon or even testimonies from the coaches and players.

Orcago Boars (0) 0 VS Stirland Blitz (0) 1

The Amazonian Red Tide (1) 2 VS The Coffin Dodgers (1) 1

Kitband Warriors (1) 2 VS Boomtown (1) 3


  1. If only!

    I typed it all out, then my PC went a bit crazy, thought I'd copied it to paste it back and lost the lot.

    Couldn't be arsed to type it all gain so live with it ;o)