Thursday, 22 January 2009

Challenge Cup Wk 5

This weeks games have come and gone and heres the commentary straight from the err coaches mouths.

Kithband Warriors (0) 1 Vs The Blackfire Pass Thunders (1) 2

The Thunderers normal head coach was too ill to play this week, so thinking the best chance to win a game was to not play Undead, Lordybloke took over and heres his report

I received the ball and after a quick snap got a blocker under the ball who caught it. As it was not too far from the line of scrimmage I was well placed to form a cage which I duly did and the first half was a slow grind down field. I did work a runner towards the end zone in case I needed a pass but Cyrus kept him busy! Plus every time I tried to dodge with him (4 times) I rolled a 2!! Along the way a slayer injured a lineman, Cyrus fouled the runner but got sent off and a catcher tried to leap into the cage only to land on a spike and be rushed to the injury box!

In my 8th turn I handed the ball off to the other runner who I had worked into the cage, pushed a few elves out of the way and run it in!

Turn 2 and Cyrus received. During half time someone had switched the ball for a spiked one and no one noticed (special play card) meaning any failed pick up or catch resulted in a “stab” (armour roll) on the failing player!

A fairly classic play from the elves had them set for a quick run in. However a failed catch from a handoff saw a player go down stunned as he was stabbed, a bounce, a failed catch another player stabbed and stunned, another bounce, a catch, a throw, a TD for the elves!

So it was turn 2 of the 2nd half and the (real) ball was back in dwarf hands. Another slow grind down field was set, although there was less elves to get in the way thanks to a few KO’s.

After a cheeky blitz took out the ball carrier a lucky bounce (and catch!) saw it back into the hands of a blocker, cage re set, slow trundle, another hand off to a runner, 2-1 dwarfs!

Cyrus had 3 turns to score and equalize. Set himself up for another classic but the dwarfs numerical advantage floored the catcher and small “cage”. Cyrus sent 3 lineman running down field as receivers and put the thrower out of harms way.

I set dwarfs all round the receivers and knocked one to the floor.

Cyrus' last turn and 2 elves were in range of the end zone! A blitz made a small opening for one lineman, he dodged and got to the end zone. The thrower dodged out of a tackle ran down field, threw the ball, a 1!!! Re roll for pass and the throw is good, no intercept chance, 2+ to catch an accurate catch and equalize.

Yep, you guessed it, another 1!!

Game ends 2-1!!

Stirland Blitz (1) 1 Vs Boomtown (1) 2

The Blitz lost thier 1st game of the season in a hard fought game and heres head coach of the Humans, Binx with his report

'I received and left some big gaps in my line not anticipating a blitz result, almost all of TomArse's team were in my half before the game started and he scored in his 1st turn.

I got the ball again and trundled down the pitch, by the time I scored TomArse had 3 dead players and 4 in the KO box, sadly all 4 of the KO's players came back.

TomArse got the ball in the 2nd half and after a little scrum scored leaving me 4 turns to equalize.

TomArse Skaven finally learnt how to break armour and got 3 of my players off the pitch, my lack of numbers started to show and even with some crazy plays from myself eventually the ball went into the crown and bounced favourable for TomArse, rather than try and make it 3-1 he huddled around the ball on the floor meaning i needed about 6 6's to score.

I managed to get the ball to bounce into a more favourale place but I needed to roll so many good dice it eventually ended in failure.

The Blitz was the biggest contributing factor to the game , without it we'd have probably had a draw or one of us may have sneaked a 2-1

Orcago Boars (1) 1 Vs The Amazonian Rad Tide (0) 0

The Boars got their 1st win of the season and it could have been so much more sweeter!, The Orcs did what they should have and beat down the Amazons, causing mass casualties and didnt look too troubled by the ladies.

1-0 up at half time they were cruising and with a few turns left in the game the Orcs were a square away from making it 2-0 but refused to score and continued to beat up the Amazons.

With the crowd and onlooking coaches shouting for the Orcs to score the Amazons managed to sneak a player close to the ball carrier and before taking it in for the 2nd score the Orcs couldnt resist one more hit.

So Double Skulls of the week goes to the Orcago Boars as that is exactly what was rolled and with the crowd and coaches laughing and shouting 'told you so' the Orcs trudged back to the locker room with a win but no smiles on their faces


  1. Halftime comments from the Coffin Dodgers coach addressing Blackfire Pass Thunders.

    "Remember -- that which does not kill us can only make us stronger."

    "And that which does kill us leaves us ready to join the Coffin Dodgers!"

  2. Hahahhaha! Orcs should have scored!
    Greedy! Thats what it was!
    You wanted your Amazon and eat it!
    Or a similar analogy.....

    Goooooooooooooooooooooo Dwarfs!!!