Sunday, 25 January 2009

Tale of....... the End?

Following the completion of the Mage I can now post my 1000pt "Tale of...." army in all its glory!
Well in its slightly squashed up glory anyway! 
Looking forward to seeing how this lot play out in game. There should enough elves to deal with whatever is thrown at them and will provide a solid core for future expansion.

So with the Tale of.... coming to a close what are my thoughts and would I do it again?
I definitely think a monthly deadline helped with getting things painted and finished. Over the years many models have got to 85% + done but never get finished. With a deadline you HAVE to say "that's enough, they're done". The silver helms, for example, could have dragged on with little details being applied sporadically for months.
I would most definitely do something similar again. 
With that in mind over the next couple of months I'll stick with Elves as follows:
Feb - Shadow warriors
March - Dragon Princes
April - White Lions
May - Chariots (1 lion and 1 horse)
June- various characters
That should take me to 2000pts or thereabouts and will make new plans from June onwards.

So, who's with me on Tale of.... the next generation??

1 comment:

  1. firstly, there seems to be quite a lot of elves there! ! !

    secondly although there is no proof, I'm done and sign me up for the next round