Sunday, 25 January 2009

'Insert Lizard pun title here' Ok:- Scaling new heights? Tipping the Scales? Do you think they Saurus?

Well I finished my Tale of 4 Gamers stuff a week or so ago and as I'm still in the lizard painting mood I've done another unit.

I've had these built and undercoated for a good number of years and now they can join the ever increasing amount of Lizardmen I now have painted.

A 20 strong unit of Saurus with Hand Weapons, 3+ save in combat in the new army book so should get some use in the games to come.

And as Lordybloke would say 'they look alot better in the flesh than in the photo'


  1. bring them on wednesday AND lets see if Jabba says they are better in the flesh than the picture ;o)

  2. Keep the painting spirit going!
    I'm sure those were done 80%+ AGES ago though??!
    Hmmm? eh? eh?
    Anyway, well done and lets hope they really do look better in the flesh!!

  3. As I said , built and undercoated but not painted.

    And yes the photo is poor