Saturday, 17 January 2009

The Old Ones are the Best

Here it is, my 1000pts of Lizards

The actual list for the round robin games may change slightly once I get the new Army Book but I have spare Terradons and Temple Guard if needed.

In the Army we have...

3 Salamaders
16 Temple Guard inc Command
3 Terradons
30 Skinks
1 Skink Shamen
1 Saurus Scar Veteran


  1. Well done. Is that a 1000 points? You may want to go and get some more mates ;o)

  2. Nice!
    Amazing what a red spray and can of dip can do!
    Oh, hang on.....!!

    I see that picture and think
    "turn 1, shot the terradons with the archers, the bolt thrower at the sallies.........Turn 3, mopping up"!

    Lets see a 2K painted piccy!

  3. Ha you can dream about that result!

    My 2k list would also include 2x20 Saurus with spears, A Slann, and some more Temple Guard and Terradons.

    In reality a 2k force i'd play with normally would be slightly differant but i'll wait for the book on that one