Sunday, 25 January 2009

Mage ya look, Mage ya stare......

My final installment for "Tale of...... whoever fancies joining in" is done.
Elembarel the Elf mage, leader of the expedition to uncover lost High Elf treasures in the Old World .
Rumours abound that he has found something of interest and has sent petitions to Ulthuan for reinforcements..................

Only having one model to paint this month made it quite easy! I was planning to add a lot of free hand (runes etc) to the back of the cloak however I didn't in the end as:
a) Couldn't decide what to do
b) Couldn't be bothered!
c) I'll leave that sort of stuff for an archmage
I do plan to add more Elves to the force quite soon, lets hope the motivation holds up!

As I would say "Looks better in the flesh!!"


  1. Jobs a good un, lets see if The Tart has knocked down his wall and if Zed has not let his cold get in the way of his sorceress

  2. she's done but too late for a picture ;o)