Thursday, 19 March 2009

Elfy Competiton

This week saw the first of the doubles games for the Tale of ... armies. The High Elves and the Dark Elves put aside their petty differences and fought the unholy alliance of the Skaven and Lizardmen armies.

A conventional line of battle for the Elven host saw a solid infantry centre with missile troops on either flank and the cavalry and giant eagle on the extreme left and right flanks to sweep round into the cold blooded cowards.

The Lizards and Ratmen infantry blocks also in the centre were flanked by Jezzails and Salamanders. The alliance advanced at a breakneck speed behind a screen of skinks, the combined volleys arrows, bolts and magic from the Elves doing little to slow them down.

After three turns of magic and missile fire exchange the largely untouched infantry were closing to fight in the centre. The Silver Helms were still locked in a combat with the Salamanders on the Eleven right and looked as though they would be ground down over the course of the battle.

As is often the case in Warhammer the game can be won or lost on a chain of events, none significant in their own right but in a series cause the rout of an army. This is that series of small events.

A unit of Stormvermin fail their fear test to charge the Cold one Knights, the following turn the Cold one Knights swinging in from the left flank attempt to charge at the limit of their range a unit of skink skirmishers, who opt to flee. This leaves a rattling gun to panic and the second exposed to missile fire and is killed. The following turn the Skaven miscast and it results in the High Elves to cast a spell automatically which causes the Stormvermin to lose 50% of their number as a persistent spell the Stormvermin lose another 25% of their start number, panic and flee. The Cold One knights charge the Skaven slave unit, destroy them and over run into the Temple Guard allies. A frontal charge followed and an unfortunate round of low rolling saw the end.

This small series of events, a failed fear test, a miscast and the destruction of a unit due to a flank charge was enough for the Lizards and Rats to be destroyed.

Can anyone catch Lordybloke as he tucks his fourth massacre result under his belt.

The photos (poor due to phone) show the casualties each commander took.


  1. If only we didnt have to roll any dice we would have had a good chance of winning!

  2. Hey, we didn't let the dice do the work for us either!
    We did our utmost to try and lose several combats!
    AND you had a plan, we didn't bother that sort of cheating!