Friday, 6 March 2009

Tale of.....Fight Time!!!

Time turned.
The heavens shifted.
Slowly the planets moved into the sacred alignment.
Wise men watched through their telescopes, not daring to move as they witnessed the spectacle that was unfolding.
Finally everything was right and all members of the Lone Wolves involved in the "tale of...." challenge turned up for the games!!
Momentous indeed!

First mention has to go to the Zed-meister for providing us with a new home (in his new home!) with excellent facilities! 3 tables available and 3 games in action! Nice!

The Live draw finally took place.
Week 1
Zed vs Lordybloke
Binx vs Cortez

Week 2
Binx vs Zed
Cortez vs Lordybloke

Week 3
Binx vs Lordybloke
Cortez vs Zed

Week 4
Zed + Lordybloke
Binx + Cortez

Week 5
Binx + Zed
Cortez + Lordybloke

Week 6
Binx + Lordybloke
Cortez + Zed

Game 1 Zed vs Lordybloke
The Clash of Elves

The elvish grudge match began with both sides maneuvering a little and exchanging bow fire. A few elves were lost on both sides but it remained even.
Then turn 3 happened.
Having been halted by their stupid mounts the cold one knights were facing a salvo of arrows from their hated cousins.
The High elf cavalry had been corralling the corsairs for a few turns and finally had them! The reavers charged the front whilst the silver helms smashed into the side.
The sky darkened above the Dark elf knights as arrows and bolts flew at them and then cleared as the arrows and bolts whizzed past them or pinged off their armour!
Things looked grim for trapped Elf pirates, even when a dark assassin threw off his dragon cloak and launched himself into the fray.
After a furious fight the reavers lay dead and the silver helms wavered.......but held! The tables had turned!
The magical battle had largely been a stalemate despite the extra power the sorceress was pulling in through arcane arts and stabbing her own warriors.
The corsairs, hero and assassin looked set to smash the silver helms from their mounts just as the cold ones ploughed into, over and through an archer unit.
Amazingly the High elf knights armour held to the barrage of attacks that landed causing the dark elf corsairs to panic, turn and be cut down.
The final turn (as it turned out) saw the high elf spearmen charge into their dark elf opposites and their extra ranks and numbers saw them easily scatter their targets.
With the dark elf army mostly decimated or running the end was declared.
Result: High Elf win by a massacre.

Game 2 Binx vs Cortez
The game started with a magical barrage from the rats frying lizards with their warp lightning.
Then the skaven guns opened fire causing skinks to explode into fleshy flowers.
With a swoop the terradons ended the ratling guns fun with rock and javelin.
After a little jockeying for position for a few turns the face off between the temple guard and storm vermin ended when the temple guard surged forward, their cold blood suddenly warmed (a bit like the garage occupants when the "fireball" kicked in!).
The elite lizards sliced through the elite rats like a hot knife through, well air, really! Not even the warpstone infused armour could save them.
Luckily the lizard bodyguards had caught a rat horde on the way in and along with the storm vermin's war banner their numbers kept them in the fight.
After a few rounds of fighting each elite unit was reduced to a handful of numbers but as the clan rats kept the body press on the temple guard could no longer hold them, they broke, were cut down and the game ended.
Result: Skaven win by a solid victory.

Or did they........

Its since emerged that the rat list is over the 1000pt limit by a whole point! The gaming world has been rocked and Binx is calling foul!
What should we do with a such a blatant cheat???
There's only one way to find out....FIGGHTTTTT!!
No actually I thought a poll was better, go vote for justice to the right!

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