Monday, 9 March 2009

Tale of the end........Or is it a new begining

Right a little later than everyone else but they are here in all there glory (1pt over admittedly).

From left to right :-
24 Stormvermin with Ratling gun, being lead by the Chieftain Battle Standard Bearer.
30 Slaves.
5 Jezzails.
29 Clanrats with Ratling gun and being lead by a Warlock Engineer.

Whilst doing this project some extras were painted just to see how easy they were to do.

A Grey Seer on his screaming bell.
4 Swarm bases.
A Warplightining Cannon.

Now that the Tale finished as far as the painting goes I've been challenged to show willing and finish off my entire Skaven collection in preparation for a Warhammer Apocalypse style game this summer. The two armies are to be my Skaven vs Binx's Lizards which he has worked out will come to around 6500 pts. Now that's a lot of models when you look at how cheap the rats are, so with that in mind I totalled up the costings of my Skaven horde and came up with a total of nearly 4500. This is still 2k short of the lizards but with the possibility of a Vermin lord and the new rule book supposedly coming around the same time it could be easily raised. With this in mind the challenge was set by Mr Zed that I couldn't get them done by midnight 31st July 2009 and a £10 side bet was also placed, with the bet set and models looked at I hassled Lordybloke and he went for the bet too :-).

Now down to business, the models to paint are :-
1 Greyseer on foot
1 Warlord
1 Plague Priest
1 Warlock Engineer
1 Assassin
29 Clan Rats
30 Giant Rats with Pack Masters
6 Poisoned Wing Globadiers
10 Night Runners
58 Plague Monks
9 Gutter Runners
6 Rat Ogres with Pack Masters
10 Plague Censer Bearers
1 Warp Lightining Cannon

This is the 1st months work, all the Characters with the Night Runners, Globadiers and weapon teams.

Clan Rats, Cannon, Gutter Runners.

Plague Units.

Big unit of Giant rats.

Another big unit, the Rat Ogres.

Now just need to paint them all.............


  1. Not quite 6500, the best I could get to is 6388 ;o)

    More realistically 6k though

    Get painting then, only 3.5 months to go!

  2. Try adding you plonker, it's 4.5 months.

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  4. Sorry didnt see you were hoping to be done by the end of July, I thought the big game was going to be a little earlier...