Thursday, 12 March 2009

Tale of .... Elvish victory!

Just a quick update on the gaming league for Tale of.....

After rattling through the first games quickly we had time for a second and complete the singles part of the challenge, next week doubles!

Cortez vs Lordybloke
Much magic and many missiles flew across the battlefield but the Elves were wise to much of the skaven warp lightning, draining the winds of magic to limit their power.
In the end the elvish archers took their toll and the clan rats fled and (following a further barrage were unable to rally) ran from the field.
The stormvermin found the elvish spears too quick for them and after being poked in the eye many times, turned, fled and were eventually cut down.
Result: Elves score another massacre.

Binx vs Zed
A similar exchange of magic and missile occurred on the other table. The game eventually ending when a combined charge from the corsairs and spears caused the temple guard to falter and run, only to find their legs were entangled by the corsairs sneaky entanglers!
Result: Dark elves score a massacre

Cortez vs Zed
The skaven magic and missiles proved telling in this game. The evil green lightning accounting for a large majority of the naughty elves (until around turn 4 when a quick bout of gaming tourettes saw the rats run out of their special high powered ammo!).
It looked to be all over until the black horror ripped through the storm vermin leaving only around a third of the unit standing.
A sterling last stand from the corsairs, aided by the assassin and master saw them fight off the clanrats that had charged their flank. More entanglement saw the dirty rats run into the dirt.
The storm vermin had had enough at this point too, panicked and fled with no time to rally.
A real "snatch victory from the jaws of defeat" if ever there was one!
Result: Dark Elves Solid Victory

Binx vs Lordybloke
This turned out to be a little on sided! Having seized the first turn a long range shot across the battlefield saw the bolt thrower bring down a terradon, much to his chums horror and they fled off the table.
This gave the elf eagle free range to get around the lizard army and block their march moves meaning the pointy ears had plenty of time to fire at the cold blooded ones before they could reach their lines.
Only 2 reavers lost their lives compared to the lizards only having half a temple guard unit and the scar vet left.

Result: Yep, a massacre for the elves!

So the league table stands like this:

Elemberels Expeditionary force - 12
Kraken Host - 7
Sneek Sneek’s Rats - 3
Chee-Ti Lizards - 0

Next week's first doubles game sees the top of the league take on the bottom!