Sunday, 29 March 2009

Lizard Update - Zed Possessed

It's all I can think of, I must be possessed, with just the bases to do, this converted Lizard Blood Bowl team is nearly finished. It was only half built on Saturday morning and nearly finished by Sunday tea time. I've not sat and with a brush in my hand all of the time either. Weird.
If only I was going to the tournament..


  1. Speedy indeedy

    Ive decided to completely repaint all the skin on my 8 finished players for my new team....

  2. is that after seeing the standard I've set in speed painting or have you been heavy handed with the wash and now have genestealer hybrids for Blood Bowl?

  3. The skin was a litle too patchy for my liking and not consistant across the team.

    Re doing them using the guide from White Dwarf a few months ago

  4. Looking reeeel good there, Zed!
    If you sold those on Ebay you'd probably make a fortune!!