Saturday, 28 March 2009

I've seen a House Fly.....

I've seen a crane fly......
But I ain't never seen a Dark Elf fly.
Well, not until last Wednesday anyway!

Wednesday nights game was a frustrating affair. Mostly for Zed!
The game started with limited movement from the High Elf and Rat combo and arrows and warp magic rained upon the Lizards and Dark Elves (the Corsairs were already eyeing up some nice new scaly cloaks!), well mostly the dark elves!
Drain magic kept the worst of the dark magic from the table and it was all looking like a mop up operation for the Helf rats, even with the warlock engineer being consumed by his own magic.
Then turn 4 arrived! The salamanders had been threatening to cause trouble all through this set of games (and not just to their own handlers) and after taking out several rats they spied a particularly juicy target - Elemberel's spear bodyguard.
3 bouts of flame later and half the spears were nothing but ash. At this point Elemberel remembered he'd left some magic potions cooking on the stove and had to rush off to check they were OK.
In the following turn panic checks were caused on the silver helms, reavers and 1 unit of archers, all failed along with storm vermin's break check (re rolled for a battle standard!!) and the game was essentially over bar a few more shots to attempt to grab some victory points.
Result - Salamanders win by a massacre!

With Binx finally getting some points it leaves the table looking quite interesting and certainly means its all to play for in the final week.
Either of the Elves can make the top spot whilst the last place is being fought out by the lizards and rats.

Elemberels Expeditionary force - 16
Kraken Host - 15
Chee-Ti Lizards - 4
Sneek Sneek’s Rats - 3


  1. very funny, especially the potions left on the stove

  2. Yey, not bottom, a win or draw for us then this week Jabba.

    A minor loss could be our undoing though :O(