Saturday, 28 March 2009

Theresa Green

Over the next couple (!?!) of months the plan is to revamp/spruce up our terrain and boards.
With this in mind I'll be knocking together some new stands of trees.
I'm making them with 2 things in mind
1) the changes in LOS in 40K and the need we have for more LOS blocking terrain
2) ease of use and being able to actually place models in them!
The trees are all based individually on metal discs (cheers Cortez!) and fit into holes in the base board which have magnetic tape in them to keep it snug.

This one is essentially the prototype but has worked out well! I've learned though that the "sockets" need to be a little less snug and there may need to be a bit more magnetic tape used but, hey, that's what prototypes are for, right?!
I've got enough trees for about another 6 stands and they will kind of tessellate together to make really big woods!
LOS checking, can you see the target?

The dread really was behind the trees!
Job's a good un!


  1. looking excellent. good use of tessellate too. still no boards

  2. I'm particularly proud of my use of the word "spruce" when introducing piccies of pine trees!
    Its the little things in life....

  3. Didnt notice that.

    So how big a wood could you tessellate? 3ft sq?