Saturday, 24 December 2011

Hobby Presence?

Get this poll in early......
So, roughly, how much of your presents received (its all about giving, right!) were hobby related.
Tell us what you got in the comments!

Merry Christmas!!


  1. Grey wolf, some KR figure cases and some plastic soldier half tracks. 50% happy with that

  2. Two squads of 28mm German Grenadiers, a command squad and sniper team, just off to order the HMG and Mortars... Have 580pts of DH, will have 750pts. I'll say that is somewhere around the 25% mark of all my pressies, still got some to go yet!

  3. I bloody wish I had something hobbey related.......

  4. Yep, nothing hobby based for me either! Wasn't expecting anything to be fair though!

  5. Just a set of Vallejo Model Air paints for me so far (don't know what presents the in-laws have bought yet, may be a few packs of minis in there).

    I also used Xmas gift money to download copies of some rulesets from Wargame Vault: Flying Lead (modern/pulp skirmish), Dead Heat (zombie racing!), Mighty Monsters (Godzilla-style monster fighting), and 5150 Star Army (Sci-Fi skirmish). All based on rules engines that I'm familiar with, and (5150 especially) good for solo play if things get desperate.

  6. I got some mourfang cavalry and a new model case. ( the big one)

  7. Not a bad haul from you lot.
    However zombie racing wins most eclectic rules set of the year from me!!

  8. I looked at star army 5150, not enough on the site to explain it, papa?

  9. 5150 is THW's set of sci-fi skirmish rules, designed to be used with any range of models you like (5150 New Hope City is a related rpg). There are two main things about the way the game works:

    Firstly, there is only one stat (reputation). Civilians would be rep 2, but your basic soldier is usually rep 3.

    Now the complicated bit; When taking an action, you either test against your rep, trying to roll under your rep score, normally rolling two or three dice and counting how many successes you've made (this can be modified according to the situation, such as having particular skills, or facing a terrifying opponent). The number of successes then determines how your model will react. So you can't always rely on your raw recruits wading into withering enemy fire as meat shields (they are more likely to fail a reaction test from taking enemy fire, and run off, or if cover is available, they'll go to ground).

    Those mechanics seem a bit alien at first, but they work well once you get your head round them, and really do away with any bias when playing solo. One thing I've noticed in games we've played before with the old 5150 rules is that every game has had a great narrative/cinematic feel. Took a bit of work for me to break out of my favoured Igo/Ugo mindset, but well worth it.