Thursday, 15 December 2011

Big game pictures pt 2

Well, we played turn 2 and 3 of the big WFB SoM game and its all over.

After wiping out the Orc spell casters it became virtually impossible for the green skins to win, so after 3 bloody turns the game was called as a Chaos and Ogre victory. The carnage on the battlefield reflected how well the Orcs had done in the fight, but with no fulcrum's secured it didnt matter.
Here's a few in game shots, some more can be found over at Warseer via the link in the previous big game post.


  1. Warseer, pictures? its been nearly 2 hours and nowt new?!

    Anyway: we woz robbed! Good fun though, apart from the robbed bit!

    Hurrrr, whaaaat are theyyyy good for?
    Say it it again...

  2. Sorry 'bloke, had trouble uploading the pics yesterday, will try again tomorrow